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Beginning in Tax Year 2015, Missouri recommends taxpayers' driver's license information on individual returns as an anti-fraud measure.

This information is optional and not required to e-file Missouri returns. In the data entry of Drake, enter the driver’s license information for the taxpayer and the spouse on the IDS screen under the General tab.

According to the Modeling And Software – Sewer Sanitary Sewergems Missouri DOR:

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In January 2016, the Department implemented some new security measures to ensure refunds are issued to legitimate taxpayers. A few of the measures are mentioned below:

  • Taxpayers have the option to include driver’s license information when electronically filing their Missouri return. This information is used as an additional identifier to authenticate a tax return. Returns are not rejected if an individual fails to include this information, but the information does make our process more efficient while providing increased assurance that tax refunds are directed to legitimate filers.
  • The Department is also sending out refund checks to some taxpayers even if they requested direct deposit. Sending refund checks helps prevent the Department from inadvertently sending a taxpayer’s refund to a bank account controlled by a criminal.

Locating the Issue Date 

MO driver licenses issued before 2013 do not have a separately stated issue date printed on the license. The issue date can be determined by the number sequence that prints vertically to the left of the photo.

The number sequence is decoded as follows:

  • The first two numbers indicate the year issued.
  • The numbers in positions 6, 7, and 8 represent the calendar day of the year; otherwise known as the Julian Date. 

In the example above, the number printed is 111392210999.This means the license was issued on the 221st day of 2011. Using a Julian date calendar you can see that this is August 9. See Related Links below for more information about a Julian date calendar. 

MO licenses issued in 2013 and future years include an issue date labelled 4a ISS located to the bottom right of the license. See the MO DORHistory Amazon Of Wikipedia - for examples of the new license styles.

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